Finishing Edges

What are the most common trims used for floor tiles?

Aluminum trims and marble thresholds


How do you finish off the top edge of a cut-tile base when the clay body is objectionable?

You can paint or your can finish off the factory edge with a vinyl or metal trim.


What are edge trims?

These are lengths of either vinyl or aluminum (or other metal) made specifically for ceramic tile. They come in a variety of colours and are designed to slip over the edge of the tile to protect and finish it off.


Where can vinyl and metal trims be used?

Vinyl trims are used mostly on wall applications and metal can be used anywhere to achieve a more functional and finished looking tile job.


What is a threshold?

The most common thresholds are metal and marble is used also. Thresholds are used in doorways to separate ceramic tile from other types of flooring. Metal edges are produced in many different styles, profiles and situations. You will also see a threshold of marble in the entrance of a shower.