Can ceramic tile be installed directly over wood sub floors, such as: OSB (oriented strand board), plywood, particle board, masonite and other composed lumber sheeting?

No. If the moisture in the mortar penetrates these boards, they may fall apart or become deformed. It’s also important that the sub floor alone has sufficient support for tile. However, tile can be installed over a double layer of exterior grade plywood. Wire mesh and concrete installed over the sub-floor will provide the support and uncoupling, necessary for long term integrity.


What are the construction requirements for installing ceramic tile directly over plywood?

2” x 10” floor joists spaced 16” with 5/8” plywood subfloor and a 5/8” plywood layer installed with staggered joints.


Can tile be installed over existing ceramic tiles?

Yes, providing the existing tile is firmly adhered and squeaky clean (scarified if necessary) and proper mortar is used.


Under what conditions can tile be installed directly over vinyl and underlay?

When it’s firmly adhered; mesh and cement installation can proceed. A plywood and cement board method can also be used.


Why do installation costs vary depending on the material that is being installed?

Porcelain and ceramic tiles do not require any extra steps in installation. Natural Stone will require a wet saw for all cuts. Since the sizes and the thicknesses of natural stone vary greatly, extra caution is taken to level the floor during installation. Almost twice as much grout is needed for natural stone than man- made ceramics, thus taking longer to finish the job. Once the grout is completely dry, sealing of the stone is required. For these reasons, natural stone labour will always be more than ceramics.


Why does the shower sill need to be a solid piece, such as marble?

The shower sill needs to be a solid piece because if it isn’t, water will eventually seep down into the grout joints and lift the tile. A marble sill is used to eliminate any grout joints and is sloped towards the drain so any water will run off the marble.