How do you clean ceramic or porcelain tiles?

Wipe the tile with a damp sponge mop using s small amount of soap less detergent in warm water, or one of our many specialty cleaners for tile.


Why are soaps not recommended?

Soaps leave a film that dulls the surface and promotes mildew.


Why are steel wool type pads not recommended?

If any loose particles of steel are left on the grout it will cause rust stains. Use Scotchbrite pads for tough dirt.


Should vinegar and water be used?

No. vinegar is an acid and if not diluted correctly it could damage the grout.


What is the most important step in maintaining a glazed tile?

To keep the floor free of sand or any other gritty material that may act as an abrasive and wear down.


How do you clean natural stone?

Since natural stone varies greatly look to your tile professional for information concerning sealers and cleaners.


Is porcelain resistant to abrasions?

Porcelain tiles are excellent in high traffic areas due to it’s very dense nature. Nothing will penetrate the surface on the tile, unless it’s an unglazed porcelain which may need to be sealed, or liquids could potentially penetrate and create a stain.