Elevated & Elegant Backsplashes, Installed by Ceramic Decor.

Ceramic Decor is excited to now offer backsplash installation. Select from our wide range of modern and timeless options, and our experienced, professional installers will give your kitchen the transformation of your dreams.

How to Get Started

  1. Visit our store, select your tile and plan your design with our sales staff.
  2. Review our measuring guide, and provide measurements for the backsplash. 
  3. Send us photos of the area to be tiled.

Once we recieve your tile selection, measurements and photos we will provide a quote for the materials and installation within 2 business days. Installation will be scheduled after the quote is approved and a 50% deposit* has been made.

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Getting Ready For Installation

Prior to the installer's arrival, ensure the walls are fully prepaired. Installaion is only done on clean, and tile ready walls. Our installers DO NOT tear out old tiles, patch surfaces or tile over exisiting tiles. Additionally, make sure to remove the valences and clear any debris from the workspace. Any appliances that are in the way, must be unplugged and relocated prior to the installation team's arrival. Appliance and valences can be reloacated/installed once the installation is complete, and the tiles are fully set.


To learn more or get started, contact us today!

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*Special order tile is non-returnable; in-stock material can be returned by the full box, up to 30 days after pick-up